Hawthorne Army Depot

Installation Overview

HWAD is housed on 147,236 acres. It has 414 administrative and storage buildings, and 2,094 magazines providing an explosive storage capacity of 7,685,000 square feet.

Hawthorne has a government staff of 30 Department of Army civilians and one Soldier to provide contract oversight and reliability of munitions stockpile. The government staff has a payroll of $2.9 million. Contractor statistics are considered proprietary and therefore are not available.

  • Storage of conventional ammunition
  • Demilitarization
  • Desert training for military units
  • Quality assurance
  • Storage of DoD elemental mercury
  • Ammunition renovation
  • ISO container maintenance/repair
  • Range scrap processing

The Naval Ammunition Depot Hawthorne was established in September 1930. It was redesignated Hawthorne Army Ammunition Plant in 1977 when it transferred to Army control as part of the Single Manager for Conventional Ammunition. In 1980 it converted to government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO). In 1994, it ended its production mission and became Hawthorne Army Depot.