Photo of Rhonda VanDeCasteele

Deputy to the Commander
Rhonda VanDeCasteele

Rhonda VanDeCasteele currently serves as the Deputy to the Commander for the Joint Munitions Command. JMC is responsible for the management of $57 billion of munitions and missiles. JMC manages plants that produce more than 781 million rounds of ammunition annually and depots that store the nation's ammunition for training and combat.

VanDeCasteele is the organization’s senior civilian responsible for the command’s mission to distribute, store, demilitarize, and produce ammunition for joint services and coalition partners to sustain worldwide readiness.

Prior to this position, VanDeCasteele served as the Executive Director for Ammunition for JMC. In that role, she had responsibility for providing joint conventional munitions acquisition sustainment, readiness, and logistics direction for all U.S. military services and international partners.

Other previous assignments include Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management for JMC; Director of Business Operations in the Munitions Logistics and Readiness Center; JMC Strategic Planning Officer; Chief of the Small-Caliber Ammunition Division of Commodity Management; and various assignments associated with automation improvements, ammunition pricing and budget, and resource management.

VanDeCasteele is a native of Reynolds, Ill., and a graduate of Western Illinois University, Macomb, Ill., with a degree in finance. She obtained a Master of Organizational Leadership from St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa.

She is Level III Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) certified in logistics and business, cost estimating, and financial management and Level II certified in production, quality, and manufacturing. She is Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified and a recipient of the Ordnance Order of Samuel Sharpe. Under her leadership, the JMC Resource Management team received the Army Manpower and Force Management Excellence Award and the Resource Management Organization of the Year Award. She also received the Army Fiscal Year 2010 Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller of the Year and Capstone Awards, and the Meritorious Civilian Service Award.