Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Joint Munitions Command do?

JMC provides bombs and bullets to America's fighting forces -- all services, all types of conventional ammunition from 500-pound bombs to rifle rounds. JMC manages plants that produce more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition annually and the depots that store the nation's ammunition for training and combat.

2. What does JMC stand for?

JMC stands for Joint Munitions Command. JMC is the single point manager for ammunition for the Department of Defense.

3. What are LARs and QASAS?

LARs stands for Logistics Assistance Representatives and QASAS stands for Quality Assurance Specialist Ammunition Surveillance/Ammunition Civilians in these career fields provide ammunition support services critical to the Department of Defense’s success on the battlefield. They ensure that the ammunition DoD warfighters use both in training and warfighting environments functions properly according to the way it was designed and manufactured.

4. Who do I contact about ammunition?

Munition Malfunctions

Ceremonial Ammunition
Phone: 877-233-2515

Avalanche Protection Munition
Phone: 309-782-6449

Police Forces Ammunition
Phone: 309-782-6449

Munition Training
Defense Ammunition Center:

5. Where can I go for ammunition help?

Telephone: 1-877-457-2666

6. Where does JMC fit into the Army?

JMC is a subordinate command to the U.S. Army’s Army Materiel Command.

7. Who is part of JMC?

JMC is a joint command. Although it is under the Army, it represents all services and has liaisons from each service co-located at its headquarters.

8. Who do I contact to dispose of munitions no longer required?