JMC Army Reserve Element Detachment (JMC ARE DET)

Mission Statement: To provide Joint Munitions Command with trained, mission ready, reliable logisticians building and sustaining ammunition readiness, support global operations, and perform annual COCOM exercise support.


  • • JMC ARE DET provides the U.S. Army Joint Munitions Command with an enduring, available, trained, and deployable Reserve Force that is integrated into HQs JMC, the JMC Installations, and when deployed, its overseas
  •    locations for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of the JMC mission.
  • • JMC ARE DET offers a Proven Capability Set of logisticians that can perform full-spectrum operations, planning, project-work, contract work, future initiatives, Senior Command Rep support, joint exercise support,
  •    ammunition missions and reserve liaison.
  • • Soldiers can support in a number of ways and are able to provide support utilizing various timeframes of 48 Battle Assemblies (24 duty days)/29+ Annual Training Days/120 day Tours/COADOS Mobilizations. Current staff
  •    includes 20 logistics Soldiers.

Missions Supported:

  • • Ammo Unit Missions (MOST/Ammo Crucible)
  • • JMC physical inventory
  • • Exercise support in Korea to JMC SCR and USFK
  • • JMC Total Force Integration Support