Why History is Important to the Army
  • Preserving the institutional memory of the Army
  • Writing the history of the Army in peace and war.
  • Providing historical support in decision-making.
  • Providing military history instruction in the education and training of soldiers.
  • Supporting leadership and professional development.
  • Supporting public and command information activities.

History shapes personal and social identity and thus it is essential for individuals and communities. It helps us understand the problems of the present. History, of course, cannot solely provide answers to today’s problems but knowledge of history is indispensable for a balanced and in-depth understanding of many current world situations. It is about change and it helps us trace transformations over time. The study of many different times and places can help us overcome narrow-mindedness. History helps us better understand all human behavior and all aspects of the human condition.

You are making history everyday at JMC, tell your Command Historian!

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