G8 Resource Management Directorate

Joint Munitions Command
2695 Rodman Avenue
Rock Island, Illinois 61299-6000
DSN 793-5712  /  COMM 309-782-5712
FAX 309-782-7267
email:  usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-rm@army.mil

Mission: To provide integration, oversight, and policy implementation for Resource Management activities; to determine and obtain financial, civilian and military resources deemed critical for mission success; to develop and maintain effective financial, manpower, and management control systems and procedures for safeguarding and achieving optimum use of JMC resources.

Directorate Offices: DSN COMM (AC 309) e-mail
Appropriated Funds Division AMJM-RMA 793-5424 782-5424 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-rma
Cost, Productivity, & Systems Division AMJM-RMC 793-3269 782-3269 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-rmc
Force Management Division AMJM-RMM 793-1669 782-1669 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-rmm
Acquisition Funds Requirements Division AMJM-RMP 793-4951 782-4951 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-rmp-execution-team
Revolving Funds Division AMJM-RMR 793-1007 782-1007 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-rmr

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