Workforce Development Division

Joint Munitions Command
2695 Rodman Avenue
Rock Island, Illinois 61299-6000
DSN 793-0890  /  COMM 309-782-0890
FAX 309-782-6711


  • Provide staff, direction, guidance and assistance with civilian training utilizing the Total Employee Development System.
  • Assist CG, JMC and senior leaders in the development and implementation of leadership development and mentoring programs.
  • Promote and manage the New Employee Orientation Program.
  • Manage the JMC Intern Program.
  • Manage the Employee Development Strategy (E.D.S.) program which is the JMC strategy for career and personnel management utilizing competency based decisions building the bench and supporting the JMC mission.
  • Lead efforts for Workforce Development and succession planning across the command.


  • Develop and implement command training and development policies, relations, goals and objectives for all of JMC including the installations.
  • Conduct organizational assessments, transitions and/or teambuilding workshops.
  • Provide program management for the JMC Mentoring.
  • Provide program and management for New Employee Orientation.
  • Provide program management for all JMC interns, including of FCIPs, DA, Fellows and SCEPs/STEPs.
  • Develop, implement, and manage the E.D.S. strategy assuring competency based training plans relating to specific JMC careers.
  • Manage the training library