Secretary of the General Staff

Joint Munitions Command
2695 Rodman Avenue
Rock Island, Illinois 61299-6000
DSN 793-8533  /  COMM 309-782-8533
FAX 309-782-1250

Mission: The SGS staff is responsible for all administrative functions of the Command Group in support of the Commanding General (CG), Deputy to the Commander (DC), Chief of Staff (CS) and Command Sergeant Major (CSM). Primary duties include:

  • Executive Assistant Support for the Deputy to the Commander, Chief of Staff, and Command Sergeant Major
  • Correspondence Review and Tracking
  • Protocol Functions
  • Tasker Management

Directorate Offices: DSN COMM (AC 309) e-mail
Appointments - DC, CS, CSM AMSJM-SGS 793-8533 782-8533 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-sgs3
Correspondence AMSJM-SGS 793-8533 782-8533 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-sgs3
Protocol AMSJM-SGS 793-5520 782-5520 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-sgs3
Taskers AMSJM-SGS 793-0757 782-0757 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.amsjm-sgs3
Virtual Town Hall AMSJM-SGS 793-0734 782-0734 usarmy.RIA.jmc.mbx.virtual-townhall
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