Minority College Relations Program - Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the internship?

A: Internships last 10 to 15 weeks. The summer internship lasts 10 weeks from June to August, while the 15 week internship begins in January and ends in April.

Can I still maintain enrollment at my university while participating in the internship?

A: Students may maintain enrollment while interning at the discretion of their university with any coursework to be completed outside of the internship hours. Maintaining enrollment is solely between the student and university officials.

Will I have to join the military if I participate in the internship?

A: No. Military service, or an intention to join, is not a requirement for selection. Students will not be asked to join any branch of the military. Student veterans are welcome to apply.

Does my university qualify as a minority serving institution?

A: Please consult the Education Department’s web site for lists of officially recognized minority serving institutions or contact Vista Sciences Corporation for further details. Also our Minority Institutions tab offers lists as well.

What kind of projects have interns performed in the past?

A: Interns are given daily work assignments related to the job descriptions. Jobs have included mechanical engineering, environmental science, biology, chemistry, communications and computer science, as well as business fields such as accounting, marketing, human resources, international affairs, contracting and law.

I’ve already graduated, am I still eligible to apply?

A: Yes. Recent graduates within the previous six months are still eligible to apply. Your degree granting institution must still be a minority serving institution.

I’m currently in graduate school, may I apply?

A: Yes. Graduate school students attending a minority serving institution are also eligible for the internship.

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