Minority College Relations Program - Student Career Experience Program

The Minority College Relations Program also opens doors to career exploration for students attending minority serving institutions beyond the traditional ten and fifteen week contractor internships.

At times, human resources personnel use various hiring authorities to fill specific jobs. Of interest to MCRP interns is the Student Career Experience Program, or SCEP, as it is one such hiring authority used to connect students to available job opportunities.

The SCEP program provides students a "jump start" in their chosen career fields by providing valuable, paid work experience while they are still in school. Students in the SCEP gain exposure to public service while enhancing their educational goals and shaping their career choices. After completion of their academic and work requirements, students may be eligible for permanent employment.

SCEP openings are posted on university Career Center websites; however, if there is no Career Center website, the announcements are sent to a point of contact at the university who then distributes it to students.

Click here for more SCEP information from the Office of Personnel Management

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