Minority College Relations Program - Vision and Mission

Vision: Expand mutually beneficial partnering opportunities within the U.S. Army and educational minority institutions.

Mission: To identify and develop collaborative programs within ASC and JMC and their installations that will strengthen minority colleges’ and institutions’ viability to participate in federal programs and enhance the commands’ future readiness by partnering with these institutions.

Supporting the MCRP are the Minority College Relations Team members, volunteers who serve the program by supporting Army EEO Programs, initiatives and commander’s policies; attending monthly meetings, special functions, events and outreach efforts that support the MCRP; maintaining broad knowledge and understanding of changing mission and functions of the ASC and JMC; sharing and receiving information about upcoming events with team members and co-workers and encouraging others to support the program.

The team is led by two Senior Advisors, two Co-Chairs representing their respective organizations--the Army Sustainment Command and the Joint Munitions Command--as well as a Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator provides matrix support to both ASC and JMC.

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