Ceremonial Ammunition Program Overview


The Joint Munitions Command provides blank ammunition and clips to American Legion posts, Veterans of Foreign Wars posts, Disabled American Veterans chapters, as well as other veterans’ organizations free of charge, to perform military funeral honors, parades, and other events. Providing ammunition for ceremonies is a traditional mission for JMC. Since the end of World War II, the Army has been sup- plying ceremonial ammunition to veterans’ organizations to conduct military honors for their fallen comrades. The ceremonial rifle and ammunition program is conducted in accordance with Title 10, United States Code § 4683 (as implemented by Army Regulation 700-131).

Accepted organizations can receive one or two cases of ammunition per request. Each case has 1,240 rounds. Only organization officers can request blank ammunition and/or clips. The use of ammunition obtained from sources other than JMC is prohibited, as it may result in damage to the rifle. More importantly, it could cause harm or serious injury to the user.

Blank ammunition is produced at JMC’s Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in Independence, Mo. The plant makes more than one billion rounds of small arms ammunition for the US military, other government agencies, and NATO allies each year, including all types of 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm and .50- caliber ammunition.

U.S. Army Donations Program Order Guide - Version 421

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Notes on Authorized Participants

To order and receive blank ammunition and/or clips, your organization must first have weapons issued through the ceremonial rifle program at the US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command in Warren, Mich. For more information about the ceremonial rifle program go to https://www.tacom.army.mil/ilsc/donations/rifles or contact TACOM by phone at (586) 282-9861.

Organizations that use privately owned weapons or borrow weapons are not eligible to receive ammunition in this program. Individuals are not authorized to participate in this program.

*The Army does not sell ammunition for personal use.

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Contact Information

Contact JMC at 877-233-2515 or by e-mail at