Holston Army Ammunition Plant

Installation Overview

HSAAP is housed on 5980.11 acres with 495 buildings, 129 igloos with explosive storage capacity of 201,369 square feet.

The government staff has a payroll budget of $2.1 million. Contractor statistics are considered proprietary and therefore are not available.

  • • Production and development of insensitive munitions explosives
  • • Synthesis and manufacture of high explosive
  • • Recrystallization and purification from organic solvents
  • • Melt-cast, cast-cured, pressed & extruded explosives formulation
  • • Explosives performance testing
  • • Full-spectrum explosives research and development capability
  • • Custom and fine chemical manufacture for the defense industry
  • • Research and development programs for development of new explosive
Making Ammunition

HSAAP was established in July 1942 and stopped production in 1945. It was reactivated in 1950 in response to the Korean Conflict and production continues today.

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