Milan Army Ammunition Plant

Mr. Britton G. Locke

Mr. Britton (Britt) G. Locke served as the Civilian Executive Assistant at Milan Army Ammunition Plant from November 2009 until 2013. As Civilian Executive Assistant of the Milan AAP, Locke served as the commanding officer’s deputy, responsible for staff supervision and mission execution.

Prior to his selection as CEA in November 2009, Locke was chief of the Industrial Operations Division. As such, his duties included ammunition production quality, plant engineering and information technology.

Locke had been responsible for production operations since 1990 and assumed oversight of quality assurance activities as a supervisor in 1994.

He began his career at Milan AAP in 1983 serving as project engineer. Among the notable projects he participated in: design and execution of the first groundwater remediation project at the plant and justification for funding the design and construction of the current administration building.

A native of Cookeville, Tenn., Locke spent his childhood in Atlanta, Ga., before moving to Columbia, Tenn., where he would graduate from Columbia Military Academy. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tenn.

He has received numerous performance awards and commendations during his service at Milan AAP. Locke received the Department of Defense Energy Conservation Award in Washington, D.C. on behalf of Milan AAP in 1990. Locke leads Milan Army Ammunition Plant as the Commander’s Representative following a June 4, 2013 relinquishment of command ceremony.

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