ARMS Congressional Purposes

The Army Ammunition plants were built during the 1940's to meet the ammunition needs of WW II. This production capacity is greater than the current military requirements, however this capacity could be needed in the event of another major war. The ARMS program was created to allow the Army to rent portions of their Ammunition Plants, that are not being used in production, to commercial companies. The revenues from the property rental are used to pay for the operation, maintenance and environmental clean up at the facilities. This savings in overhead cost lowers the production cost of the goods manufactured, and lowers the cost of environmental clean up.

The Purposes for the Armament Retooling and Manufacturing Support Initiative act (ARMS), Title 10 USC 7551-7555:

  • Attract Commercial Rental of Idle Army Ammunition Plant Capacity
  • Encourage Small and Disadvantaged Business Development
  • Maintain Readiness & Skilled Workforce
  • Reduce Adverse Effects of Defense Draw Down
  • Promote Free Market Competition in Renting Army Property
  • Reduce Army Ownership Costs at Ammunition Plants
  • Reduce Ammunition Production Cost
  • Promote Private Investment in Facility Improvements
  • Foster Federal, State, and Local Cooperation
  • Reduce Disposal Costs for Excess Property

ARMS Statute