Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Environmental Progress

LCAAP was placed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priority List (Superfund) in 1987.

Lake City pilot thermal system

LCAAP is using a pilot thermal system to rid groundwater and soil of contaminated waste. This project helped LCAAP win the 2023 Secretary of the Army Environmental Award for Environmental Restoration.

Recreational Activities

LCAAP hosts annual Fishing Derby and Veteran’s Hunt events as well as open hunting for employees and their families.

Harvest data:

Deer Hunting – FY23 Season: 53 deer (32 does/13 bucks/8 buttons)
Turkey Hunting – FY23 Season: 8 turkeys
Fishing Season at Veterans Lake (between Memorial Day and Labor Day): approximately 30 fish

Deer on plant
Deer on plant
Deer on plant
Deer on plant
Deer on plant
174 times.
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